A Better Tomorrow

All the yesterdays

All the tomorrows

Only today

~ Yet, there are no tomorrows for me

Or, are they?

I have looked for the tomorrows

Now they have become yesterdays

A better tomorrow?

A worst today

Has become a memory in yesterday


A Member of One

Alone is the lonliest word you can say.

You get up, you do a series of routines without uttering a sound. Who would you utter them to if there is no one to listen?

You drive to work the radio is the only company for the drive.

The first words out of you are “ Good Morning” to the first person you encounter on your job, then polite exchanges wets your mouth from the dry feeling of not speaking for a whole 12 hours since you left this place.  Do not get me wrong, this  is not my moon and stars, but it is the only place that I’m not alone and I can utter sounds out loud.  Yes, there are prople who live like this, more than you can count.  I,  not by choice but mostly by way of accidents, on purpose of course. I always manage to bring out that human trait of picking on the mousie mouse girl.

  My mom used to punish me by giving silent treatments and allowing the all family to do also.  My escape?  My room, my books, reading, there I could escape my solitary punishment by befriending the characters and making them my friends, my family.

 During school days I was too shy to make friends, thus I remained with my solitude.

I remember I made a friend, she was a big akward  girl and shy also, she choose me. I brought her home and my family was so rude to her, I never heard from her again after that day.

After that I tried to bring home more, my mother always choose at that time to scrub the floors with amonia and bleach….

Thus began a lifetime of solitude…